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An insight into the head of two Salvadoran/American sisters – one the oldest (LaSusie) and one the baby (RaqC) – raised in the same home, with the same parents, same opportunities and same moral ground, yet opted for TWO completely different paths in life. Although RaqC and Susie don’t always agree on matters nor do their world views always align (and you’ll know it!) they’ve mastered the ability to always support and respect each other and more importantly to love and learn from each other. Join them on their weekly Podcast and listen in on some real talk between real sisters where nothing is off the table! They tackle everything from marriage and infidelity, sex (good, bad and ugly) to breaking generational cycles and glowing UP! The conversations are always unscripted, raw, honest and sometimes (all the time) in your face. This Salvi sister duo will quickly become a favorite on your list as you listen and feel like they’re your sisters too!

“They agree to disagree ALOT”



Congratulations QUEENS

I’ve been following Raqc for a few years now and just today while listening to season 5!! Did I realize I have watched her progression and also have accomplished so much myself! You. Raqc. Have inspired and encouraged me. Now that I am vibing on that entrepreneur wave with you, I am receiving so many gems that I NEED to hear to confirm my own answers. Thanks to you... and LaSusie for keeping it consistent and from the heart. You two are true magic ❤️
LC💃🏻 , 12/02/2020 
I freakin love you guys! I have 3 older sisters but didn’t grow up with them nor have a relationship with them. I have ALWAYS wanted a sister to have a best friend relationship with. You guys are sister goals lol! This podcast is my go to when I want a laugh, when I need a little jumpstart to my day, or when I’m just bored and kickin it by myself. Raq I’ve been following you since Chiquis and Raq C days LOL I instantly loved you and when I found out you were a cancer too it made sense why I related so much to you hahah love you girls, keep up the amazing work you’re doing!
B.Di , 12/08/2020 

Love it!

I love listening to you ladies, I have a sister too and she put me on to your podcast and we can’t help but to see the similarities we have with y’all! Keep going, thank you for being motivating, raw and REAL💓

Joen Cruz , 12/10/2020 

Keeping real

When I first started listening to it I loved it , but this last season was a bit wack, I love u ladies but it’s getting a little blah for me , just keeping real ...
suelo09 , 12/12/2020 



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